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We at Canopy tree management are passionate for the care of health in trees, we are very aware that the work we do is potentially dangerous not only to us, but incorrect practice can have a severe impact on the health of trees.
 Anyone with a chainsaw can attempt to cut down a tree but it takes skill and experience to do the job safely and efficiently. The potential for things to go wrong very quickly is ever present and only a skilled professional should undertake tree felling or any tree surgery procedure.

We have all the necessary equipment to tackle any tree surgery task you may have. All the   equipment and apparatus we use is regularly serviced and inspected to ensure we carry out all jobs safely and in a controlled manner. As part of our fleet we have a high lift cherry picker we use when the trees we are asked to work on are decayed or too dangerous to climb safely.

As we work in and around trees all day we are conscious of our environment, the good that trees do for us and our well being. We always carry out tree surgery work with the best long term health of the trees in question being our primary concern. At canopy tree management we use bio-degradable oils and lubricants for our saws, we re-cycle all timber felled for firewood or for furniture making. All the woodchips we produce are re-used in a number of ways including as a bio-fuel, garden mulch for paths and flower beds and in the equine industry.

We carry out tree work -tree maintenance-tree surgery- tree care -tree surgeon-tree services-hedge cutting-tree felling in Suffolk and Norfolk.

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