Canopy Tree Management



Ash Tree Reduction;

Here the customer wanted the ash tree in their front garden reduced in size, they wanted more light to the front of the house and to their solar panels. The work we completed also balanced the shape of the tree after the clients electricity company had previously removed only the branches that were near their cables.

Before Willow reduction After Willow reduction

Before                                                                 After

Goat Willow Reduction;

Here we were asked to reduce the crown of the willow in their small back garden. The tree had grown too large for the space but the client still wanted to keep the tree to offer some shade and privacy from near neighbours.

willow reduction before tree picks ash and willow reduction 009s

Before                                                                 After

Land clearing and Brush Cutting

This project was part of a series of capital works carried out on behalf of Wortham parish council under the guidance of the upper Waveney project. Here we were asked to clear a large area of scrub from in front of a hidden pond. Also in the brief was to coppice and crown lift the willows to create a walkway around the pond.

Clearing1 Clearing2
Clearing3 Clearing4


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