Canopy Tree Management

Some of the Tree services we provide.

Crown Lifting:

Sometimes referred to as “raising the skirt” this operation increases the gap between ground level and the crown. This is normally achieved by removing the lowest branches of the crown, to a specified height useful if more headroom is needed for pedestrians or access for garden machinery. This is a simple but effective way of increasing the amount of light into your garden or ground floor windows

Crown clearing and dead wooding:

 This is the removal of dead, dying or diseased wood, stumps or broken branches for aesthetic reasons or to reduce the risk of potential hazards. Larger dead branches can be safely retained (in order to provide habitat for birds and insects) by reducing their length and weight. This operation is often carried out in conjunction with other forms of crown work. We also under take the removal of Ivy from trees.


All hedge works are undertaken. We carefully cut, trim and manage hedges of all sizes and species from hand cutting Box to tackling the biggest overgrown Leylandii.
We offer regular maintenance or one off tasks.

Mobile Log Splitting:

We have as part of our range of machinery a mobile hydraulic log splitter which we can tow to your property and split all your logs on site. We can also process and cross cut any timber you may have to your requirements.

Stump removal:
There are several ways of removing tree stumps and depending on the size and quantity we can either hand dig or grind out the stumps to beneath ground level.
We also have a micro digger that fits through a standard garden gate to completely remove the stump and root ball system. We can also bore into the stump and apply stump remover that speeds up the process of natural decay in the stump.

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