Canopy Tree Management

Some of the Tree services we provide.

Precision Felling:

This is the simplest method of tree removal, if the space and ground conditions allow we carefully make a series of cuts at the base of the trunk to allow the tree to fall under control in the intended direction.

Sectional Felling:

Sectional Felling is one of our most common procedures for tree removal, this involves climbing the tree and carefully dismantling a tree in small sections. This operation is usually undertaken using heavy duty rigging equipment, lowering ropes and skilled branch removal techniques. Using this procedure we can safely dismantle trees that overhang buildings, sheds or glasshouses. It also means we can keep any disruption to gardens and flowerbeds to a minimum

Crown Reduction:

This highly skilled operation involves shortening of the branches. The pruning cuts are carefully positioned just above a substantial limb growing in the correct direction. As a result the entire tree crown is reduced, in size and volume, whilst as much as practicable retaining the natural form of the tree species. This procedure can hugely increase the amount of light and space in your garden. This operation can also be referred to as drop-crotching

Crown Thinning:

The most Common reason for crown thinning is to allow more light to penetrate through the tree canopy if there is heavy shading cast near buildings or over gardens where more sunlight is desired. Other reasons include reducing Wind resistance within the tree, this is important with a tree with a weak branch system.
Branches are removed from within the tree crown in order to make it uniformly less dense. The natural shape of the tree remains the same.

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